House Rules


  • Any creature suffering damage in round receives a -1 penalty to all actions for the remainder of the round for every 10 points of damage suffered, rounded up.
  • A character wielding a thrusting weapon who is attacked while ready automatically gets to attack first against an opponent wielding a shorter weapon in the first round of combat, essentially his initiative moves up to the segment he is attacked in. The character must have at least one attack left in the round to take advantage of his weapon’s length, if he has already used all his attacks in the round he doesn’t get the right of first strike.

Combat Mastery

Weapon Mastery is replaced by combat mastery. A weapon proficiency can be spent to do any of the following:

  • Grant a +1 to attack and damage with a chosen weapon.
  • Grant a +1 bonus to a specific combat maneuver.

House Rules

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